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Neocon likens Israel to ‘police states’

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A lot to be savored in neocon Jamie Kirchick piece’s in Haaretz on Jared Malsin, the reporter for Ma’an who was deported by Israel last week. There is Kirchick’s frank acknowledgement that young leftwing American Jews are ardently turning against Israel. Malsin represents a movement, and the Z’s can’t use the self-hating label on us. Also the statement that Israel behaved like a police state toward Malsin, a journalist. "His treatment at the hands of Israeli authorities was outrageous. One expects this type of behavior from Middle Eastern police states whose systematic human rights abuses Malsin and his left-wing compatriots downplay or ignore…" Kirchick is missing two important lessons here: the left has repeatedly denounced Egypt’s conduct lately, and this has made our opposition to the Israeli occupation that much stronger. And as the New York Times is beginning to understand, the pen is mightier than the sword, Israel is deadset against non-violence, it loses when the protest is non-violent, so it is trying to bar and imprison advocates for civil society, and remilitarize the struggle.

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