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All in a day’s work: Columbia dean is fronting for the Israel lobby

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Last night I did a post on a March conference in New York that seems poised to bash Goldstone and the idea of international law. Chaired by Columbia Law School dean David Schizer, the conference on the "use of law as a weapon of war" to delegitimize democratic nations has been organized by the "Lawfare Project." But the Lawfare Project is mute about who it is. I said the group has a hidden agenda, Israel. (You call me conspiratorial. Alas, it’s true; I went into therapy for it and they couldn’t cure me.)

Well the assiduous Peter Belmont went to and determined that the website for the Lawfare Project was set up in January by Roslyn Singer of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a lead organization of the Israel lobby. You’d think they might tell you that when they stage a conference? No.

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