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Dershowitz offers blanket defense to his celebrity client for murder anywhere

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Distressed and out-of-kilter post by Dershowitz [on the Dubai assassination], asserting that Israel has the right to kill (any way it pleases, and anywhere it can) people whose acts have demonstrated an intention to harm Israel. The argument is compulsive. He isn’t sure Israel is behind the assassination in Dubai, because the thing was low-class, but if they did it, they had a right to. A weird contribution to the genre of supererogatory apologetics–everything Israel may possibly do must be defended in advance.

Two curious features of the presentation lie a little under the surface. (1) The impatience with "judicial justice"–odd phrase, and odd for a lawyer to class it merely as one of the options. (2) The thought of Iran which permeates the column though Iran is never mentioned. If Israel is justified in killing its enemies or presumptive enemies or high-risk antagonists, anywhere it finds them, this makes the case for an Israeli attack on Iran. Not just bombing the nuclear facilities,but presumably also government buildings, the residences of high officials, etc. etc.

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