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Israeli ballet disrupted briefly during Vermont performance

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Friday night in Burlington. Protesters included the great Yonatan Shapira, an Israeli who served in the IDF. Message: "Sponsored by Apartheid Israel." Others:

Burlington-based David Symons who is a performer of Yiddish music, and Brooklyn-based theater artist and teacher Brian Pickett, who commented, “We took this action tonight to educate the public and to deliver a strong message to the Israeli government and affiliated institutions, that while Palestinians are being denied their rights, there will not be business as usual.”  In a letter to Israeli news website Ynet, Symons explained the action further, As performers and people in the arts ourselves, disrupting a ballet was not something we took lightly. It was ultimately decided that there is always a price to pay when one wishes to change the status quo and, in light of ‘s outrageous and unacceptable behavior toward Palestinians and Lebanese, and its attempt to distract attention from its crimes with brightly-colored artistic and cultural products, the price, in this case, was worth it.”

The video was taken down from youtube on one pretext or another. It’s up at vimeo.

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