Israeli soldiers fire rubber bullets at journalists in East Jerusalem

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We aim to track reports that Israeli society is toughening, it is exhibiting growing intolerance of dissent, debate, and sunlight. Here is a report at a UN site about an incident last week in which Israeli soldiers fired upon journalists who were covering raids in the Shu’fat refugee camp in East Jerusalem. The camp is walled in.

Around 10 of the journalists who went to cover a major Israeli military operation in the Shu’fat refugee camp, in East Jerusalem, were targeted by Israeli soldiers firing tear-gas grenades, stun grenades and rubber bullets on 8 and 9 February.

"Everything indicates that Israeli soldiers deliberately fired on the journalists," Reporters Without Borders said. "And this is far from being the first time. Will the Israeli authorities ever put a stop to the impunity allowed to their soldiers? We urge the Israeli military to investigate and punish those responsible. Otherwise this sort of disgraceful incident will keep recurring."

….Reuters photographers Sinan Abu Mizer and Amar ‘Awad, Falestin TV cameraman Nader Pepers and CNN cameraman Karim Khadr were also injured by tear-gas grenades or rubber bullets, while Al Jazeera cameraman Samir Abou Al-Gharbiya was injured by a projectile fired by a young Palestinian.

Khadr said: "I was with other journalists in the camp when Israeli soldiers tried to prevent us covering what was going on. Then they fired a stun grenade that injured my ankle and left hand. Ten minutes later, the soldiers fired rubber bullets at us. One of them hit my hand after ricocheting off a wall."

Thanks to Dan Sisken.

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