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Klein calls on his friend Wieseltier to apologize

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Joe Klein calls on Leon Wieseltier to apologize to Andrew Sullivan for smearing him as an anti-Semite; read between the lines, and Klein is saying that Wieseltier, whom he says he loves, has gone off the rails. Klein also offers an honest riff on Jewish identity. Echoing Sullivan, he says that neoconservatives must be considered as thinking Jewishly if their every political appeal is for folks to vote to support Israel. Then to his own Jewishness, Klein says that he is fiercely attached to the need for a Jewish state because of the Holocaust in eastern Europe and that basically says he doesn’t trust non-Jews on the question. This statement is transparent (I wish Ethan Bronner had half this awareness) and also generational. I wonder how many young American Jews would talk about destroyed synagogues in Prague in order to justify the existence of Israel.

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