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Knocked for his Goldstone slanders, Dershowitz blames others for inciting violence

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On Israeli radio Dershowitz called Richard Goldstone an "evil evil man" and when the host said, "Do you hint, Professor, that he is a moser, someone who betrays his own people?,"  Dersh said Absolutely. A storm of criticism ensued, and now instead of a simple apology, Dersh claims in the Jerusalem Post that he misunderstood, and others are twisting his words to incite violence!

It’s bad enough that there are some religious extremists on both sides who actually incite their followers to commit violence. But when elements of the mainstream Israeli and Jewish media twist the truth in the interest of sensationalism to imply – or state outright – that I am calling for the murder of Richard Goldstone, it is those irresponsible members of the media (and of Americans For Peace Now) who become the inciters.

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