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This casts us in the role of the enabler, forever

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Haaretz says that Turkey is warning Israel that it must mull a future without Turkey as an ally, following the disrespectful treatment of the Turkish ambassador and the horrors of the Gaza war.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday warned Israel should to "take another look at its relations with its neighbors" if it wants to maintain ties with Turkey in the future….

Regarding Turkey’s criticism over Israel’s Cast Lead Operation, Erdogan said: "When innocent civilians are ruthlessly killed, struck by phosphorus bombs, infrastructure is demolished in bombing and people are forced to live in an open-air prison?

"We can not see this as compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, simply human rights, and we can not close our eyes to all this happening," he said.

This shows Israel thinking it only needs the US. Nobody else matters. Everyone else is just to be played off against each other tactically. Notice Turkey PM’s complaint about him being compared with Sarkozy. He sees the game Israel is playing and finds it humiliating.

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