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a mind is a terrible thing to waste (Columbia/Barnard edition)

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In two weeks Columbia/Barnard Hillel will have a program called "South Africa Update" at its lavish center on 115th Street, in connection with the "Helen Suzman Exhibition" at Barnard/Columbia. The Helen Suzman exhibition honors a Jewish South African who was a leader in the fight against apartheid. The "South Africa Update" program will feature Johnny Moloto, deputy chief of mission of the South African Embassy, introduced by a fellow from the American Jewish World Service (which is dedicated to major global problems but says nothing about Gaza).

Last week Columbia/Barnard Hillel issued a statement denouncing the charge that Israel is practicing apartheid in the West Bank.

It is therefore slanderous to suggest that Israel is an apartheid state when Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. While Israel– as with all nations–is far from perfect–to call for divestment from Israel equates it with Apartheid South Africa, an accusation that… is factually inaccurate and malicious.

[P.S. I participated in the great leap forward of young Jews in the last generation, on Ivy League campuses. We prized our intelligence and wit. We thought of ourselves as free thinkers, and did pretty good at that. No one was standing over us, telling us to say that Black is White. Thus does the Israel lobby destroy the great human capital of American Jewish tradition.]

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