Aaron David Miller says Obama must ‘restore his reputation’ in Israel

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Aaron David Miller is famous for his comment post-Camp David that the U.S. acted as "Israel’s lawyer." He’s reasonable, his book on the unending peace process is pretty good. But in Politico, what’s his advice for Obama after the insult by the Israelis?

“It’s a setback,” veteran Middle East peace negotiator Aaron David Miller said of the East Jerusalem dust up. “But the last thing Bibi or Obama wants right now is a fight … Still Obama must find some way to restore his reputation on the street.”

Imagine people urging George Bush to restore his reputation in France?! What if Obama wanted to walk away, or quietly force the Netanyahu gov’t to collapse? Does the US have any power here? The Times also urges Obama to be conciliatory, even as it suggests imposing a solution: "[we hope] if progress lags, the administration will be ready to put forward its own proposals on the central issues of borders, refugees, security and the future of Jerusalem."

What about when the natural American reaction at last occurs to this absurd abdication of government will? The other night at the IDF demonstration, people were handing out flyers saying, If you want free health care, end the aid to Israel. It’s a point.

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