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Bombshell: Gen’l Petraeus has single loyalty

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Mark Perry, writing (at War In Context) about his sources for his bombshell report that General David Petraeus sees the special relationship with Israel as putting American interests at risk and that he is going to the mat in the White House to effect policy:

There is no greater insult than to believe that General Petraeus or any other senior American military officer would use the lives of American soldiers as a lever to enhance their own political future. My sense is that General Petraeus neither likes nor dislikes Israel: but he loves his country and he wants to protect our soldiers. The current crisis in American relations with Israel is not a litmus test of General Petraeus’s loyalty to Israel, but of his, and our, concern for those Americans in uniform in the Middle East.

It is, perhaps, a sign of the depth of “the Biden crisis” that every controversy of this type seems to get translated into whether or not America and its leaders are committed to Israel’s security. This isn’t about Israel’s security, it’s about our security.

The Petraeus effect is discernible in David Axelrod‘s struggle to embrace Israel even as he castigates it for the "insult" –and the "destructive" effect it has had on the "fragile peace process," whatever that is.

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