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First time melodrama, second time caper

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The Zionist Organization of America, showing where its heart lies, has done us all a service by collecting a lot of clips describing Obama’s humiliation of Netanyahu. Even Bradley Burston waxes melodramatic: the settlement movement has "done in one meeting what Israel’s foes have sought for generations: driving a stake through the heart of Israel’s relationship with the White House…"

MJ Rosenberg says the true and obvious: that AIPAC disgraced itself by hosting Netanyahu’s hardline speech, it was a "disaster." Israelis are "appalled" by Netanyahu’s behavior, he says. And he is appalled by the disgusting congressional letter signed by 300 expressing concern over the break and urging Obama to voice his differences "quietly, in trust and confidence." The same line that AIPAC took. Rosenberg:

The Congressional letter should be torn up. At the very least, no Democrat should sign a letter designed to weaken their President at a moment when he is on the verge of helping Israel and Palestinians…

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