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Hosanna, ‘NYT’ columnist notions one-state without getting Tasered (yet)

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Wonderful piece by Robert Wright in the New York Times, the author on religion, raised Christian I believe in Oklahoma, a man who obviously has no deep emotional investment in Israel, unlike Jeffrey Goldberg whom he skewers here as Israel’s stenographer. Wright speaks frankly of the destruction of the American interest by our special relationship with Israel.

Note too that Wright notions the end of Israel’s "Jewish identity" to make way for one state in less than tragic terms. Just imagine, one man one vote! Shocking. Why, it even shocks me (I who retain a mental reservation in favor of partition…).

This is the real business of American journalists: to have an open conversation at last, to bring our own blessed liberal experience to bear on this deeply screwed-up situation, to help those people imagine a way out, to bring our own experience to bear, to show that some outcomes that seem apocalyptic don’t have to be… to bring our own experience to bear.

h/t Voskamp and a half dozen other readers.

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