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Israel lobby is making hay of Bibi-Obama tensions in election cycle

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Good reporting by Alex Isenstadt at Politico shows that Republican challengers are accusing Obama of putting too much pressure on Israel, while Democrats are just hoping the tensions go away. Another sign of the political weakness of the J Street camp, and of the drift of AIPAC towards Republican candidates. I have to believe there’s tons of money at stake.

The only one really building political platform for Obama is the military and the grass roots. What a combo. Medea Benjamin praising Petraeus. They need one another, and we need them. Where is the media? Where are the liberals? Who will take on the ideology of permanent war in the Middle East that is draining our coffers and killing young Americans? Oh, wait, here is the New America Foundation, doing a panel that will give Petraeus some room to run. And JVP is doing its work too. Take heart.

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