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Peretz off the deep end

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One thing Marty Peretz isn’t is a menschkenner. That’s Yiddish for being a good judge of character. Wikipedia: "He strongly supported Senator Barack Obama in both his Democratic primary race and in the 2008 general election." Shouldn’t he have known something? Recent scrapings:

1. March 18 "Someone at breakfast this morning suggested to me that Obama is like Col. Lindbergh. See Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America. But, unlike Lindbergh, whose presidential ambitions collapsed, Obama’s succeded."

2. March 19 "This is a culture so unhinged by modernity that it clings to its crippled
civilization. And who will tell me that the civilization of the Arabs, the
civilization of Islam, is not crippled?"

3. March 19 "In fact, Obama seems to think that he is the superego of the conflict and that his function is to hand out dicta on how to end it. But he has no dicta for the Palestinians and plenty for the Israelis. The Jewish state has many conditions under which it would be prepared to give more rather than less. Alas, the president can?t bring himself to publicly acknowledge this. The fact is that he does not particularly like Israel."

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