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Podhoretz urges ‘wildly disproportionate’ Jewish donor base to abandon Democrats

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I feel guilty whenever I point out that most of the money in the Democratic Party political process comes from Jews, per the Washington Post. Well John Podhoretz in Commentary is joining me in conveying that "wildly disproportionate" truth, I mean canard. But he’s telling the money boys to walk out of the Democratic Party because of Obama’s stance on Israel. This is a reminder that if the neocons are of any party, it’s a Zionist one; they left the Democrats in the ’70s over Israel.

The word we keep hearing from Washington is that in the upcoming congressional elections there is an "enthusiasm gap" developing between resurgent Republicans and somewhat dispirited Democrats in the run-up to the 2010 midterms. That ‘enthusiasm gap’ is not just anecdotal; it’s also about organization, which means it’s about money. It’s no secret that a wildly disproportionate part of the Democratic donor base is Jewish. While Jews are almost certain to continue to vote lopsidedly for Democrats, that doesn’t mean Jewish donors are going to open their checkbooks as widely as they have in the past three election cycles. A diminution in Jewish enthusiasm for Obama and the Democrats is a problem for them. This is not a good moment to be picking fights on an issue of major emotional concern to a key Democratic constituency, even if you know that many of its members are not disposed to support the building program.

Notice the subtitles here: Jews may not like the settlements, but they’re emotionally tied to Israel, and Obama’s threatening that emotion. Rational thought.

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