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prayer for Chris Matthews

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"He loves her," my wife said. I said, "It’s because she’s like him, she’s streetsmart and Irish and from a progressive Catholic American tradition, and he cares about ethnicity as much as I do." We were watching Chris Matthews and a regular, Joan Walsh of, and I was guessing about Walsh’s background (Joan Maureen Walsh, I can’t be far off).

Then Robert Wexler came on, the Israel lobbyist turned Israel lobbyist, first in Congress now at some influence peddling group, and Matthews asked him about the meaning of the Netanyahu battle. Wexler said the appropriate thing for desperate two-staters, that Israel needs a Palestinian state and in a hurry, because of the demographic problem.

Helluva reason to grant people freedom: because you are threatening our ethnic majority. (It is a selfish and miserable answer, isn’t there a universalist response to that question?)

A day or two before Chris had on Andrea Mitchell and Howard Fineman to explain the Netanyahu contretemps. I know, they’re fair. I don’t know what their Zionist exposure was, maybe as small as my own. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if he interviewed some non-Jewish Americans about this vital question? What about Steve Walt or Rashid Khalidi? Two smart guys who are as middle-of-the-road as they come on this question. Or what about Ali Abunimah, who is more partisan, but then as Chris knows, who doesn’t have a party here? He plays it safe. On this one, he plays it safe as it goes. And I know, if we were having a beer, he would lecture me about the Holocaust. I’d lecture him back, about the USA.

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