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What would Foxman and the NYT say if a prominent media figure went around proudly calling Axelrod a ‘Jewboy’?

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My wife likes to say, It’s actually true that you can’t buy respect. It’s a rule that still works. Marty Peretz at TNR has demolished whatever respect many writers in his community once had for him, but who is picking up on this? (And we’re not even talking about what he says about Arabs.)

"Let us then approach Obama’s orchestrated assault on Bibi Netanyahu, an ignominious and insulting assault, sending one underling after another out 
to beat up on the Israeli prime minister. Including David Axelrod, whom I
called a Jewboy twice and who knows very little about Israel and
Palestine and, for that matter, the Arab orbit and the world of Islam. And
I am afraid that Obama knows little more, aside from the grand historical
mistakes with which his staff has outfitted him."

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