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Chomsky says ‘viable Palestinian state’ is possible under Fayyad plan

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AMY GOODMAN interviewing on Democracy Now yesterday: What is your assessment right now of the situation with Israel and Palestine? And were you going to meet with the Palestinian prime minister?

NOAM CHOMSKY: I did. I was going to meet with the Prime Minister. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. But his office called me here in Amman this morning, and we had a long discussion.

He is pursuing policies, which, in my view, are quite sensible, policies of essentially developing facts on the ground. It’s almost, I think it’s probably a conscious imitation of the early Zionist policies, establishing facts on the ground and hoping that the political forms that follow will be determined by them. And the policies sound to me like sensible and sound ones. The question, of course, is whether the extent to which Israel and the United States, which is a determining factor, the extent to which they’ll permit them
to be implemented. But if implemented, and if, of course, Israel and the United States would terminate their systematic effort to separate Gaza from the West Bank, which is quite illegal, if that continues, yes, it could turn into a viable Palestinian state.

I’m just a journalist here. But, compare with Azmi Bishara saying, "Salam Fayyad’s plans for Palestine and the Palestinians are nought but a contrived folk festival where the occupied bow to their oppressors." And Meron Benvenisti in the Guardian, calling the PA leaders "traitors to their own cause."

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