Did Specter’s blind support for Israel help end his career? Just wondering

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This long political obit for Arlen Specter in the Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia emphasizes that he always worked for Israel, sometimes "behind the scenes." Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America, which has helped destroy the two-state solution by urging on the colonization of Jerusalem, supported him down the line. Including 1992, the year after Clarence Thomas hearings, when you’ll remember that Specter had grilled Anita Hill. Well in 1992, several other incumbent Senators lost to women, but not Specter. His opponent, Lynn Yeakel, was painted as anti-Israel because her Presbyterian church had had some meetings, probably about the criminal occupation.

Here’s my question: Did Specter’s Zionism hurt him this time around? Klein and Gary Erlbaum, a local macher, got behind a statement accusing Joe Sestak, Specter’s primary conqueror, of being against Israel. Maybe that helped Sestak? That recent poll said more than half of Democratic voters have a negative view of Israel. Did the rubber just meet the road?

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