Now, Goldstone is trying to delegitimize US sovereignty (and maybe impose Sharia law too)

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Brooke Goldstein speaking at the Lawfare forum at Fordham Law School last week. She’s at the neoconservative Hudson Institute. Again I challenge the reporters, follow the money. Why is Fordham bending over for this type of craziness. Wow:

It is also very important when analyzing any one incident of Lawfare, such as the Goldstone Report, to note the three main objectives that modern lawfare tactics have been attempting to achieve and the various distinct yet interconnected expressions thereof

THE FIRST OBJECTIVE (they are not listed in any particular order) is to silence and punish free speech critical of radical Islam, terrorism, or its sources of financing and to reinstate blasphemy laws especially as applied to Islam and its prophet Mohammad.

This is what I call Islamist lawfare whose goal is to impost Sha-aria law as a governing legal authority both in Muslims states and in the West and to impede the free flow of public information about the threat of Islamist terrorism thereby limiting our ability to understand it and destroy it. The effect sought is for certain parties to control public discourse and open debate on a given subject

THE SECOND OBJECTIVE of modern lawfare is to delegitimize the sovereignty of democratic states such as Israel and the United States

THE THIRD is to frustrate the ability of western democracies to defend themselves against terrorism. Here, lawfare takes the form of a complimentary legal campaign to terrorism and asymmetric warfare and seeks to denigrate society’s legitimate interest in security and self defense.

The Goldstone Report attempts to achieve both the 2nd and 3rd objectives yet there is an assortment of lawfare activities that is so numerous that it would take an entire semester in law school to detail properly, but nevertheless must be mentioned.

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