Netanyahu’s psyche

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On Netanyahu and the Entebbe motive [for the flotilla raid]: psychoanalytic explanation was a reflex of our parents’ time. It is now is too little used. Netanyahu is the emotionally tunneled sibling of a martyr brother, son of a big man, great man, man-mountain of scholarship (the highest calling for an Israeli). Benzion, now 100 and still enjoying mental ascendancy over Binyamin, besides his massive erudition, was a Zionist of the founding generation. It doesn’t get more overdetermined than that. Young Netanyahu’s intransigence is not shakable by realities; it is the indelible, memorized practice of the docile offspring of that great house. Even if the American neoconservatives and Lieberman his former chief of staff  (whom he may respect and fear half as much as his father) weren’t hammering at him day and night, he would be obedient to instructions from the family attic.

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