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Last night I saw a friend who was jumping up and down about the Helen Thomas news. He was saying, This is so absurd it’s a giant victory, it will expose the hasbara types. Matt Yglesias, from 2002.

AFTER THE LATEST DEPRESSING news from the Middle East I think we have to start asking just how inhumane it would be for Israel to just expel the Palestinians from the occupied terroritories. The result would probably be out-and-out war with the neighboring Arab states, but Israel could win that.

All forced population transfers are humanitarian disasters, of course, but so is the current situation. It’s not like there’s not any room in the whole Arab world for all these Palestinian Arabs to go live in, it’s just that the other Arab leaders don’t want to cooperate.

Yglesias spoke at J Street last year, by the way, as the liberal on a panel with Jonathan Chait of the New Republic. Chait dissed me on that panel and said, Mondo should not be in the Jewish conversation about these issues. We’re coming in, Chait. With bells on.

The Yglesias was spotted by Sadly, No.

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