Rocket Redux, the Israeli fiction

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A few months ago, I authored a post on the fiction that when Israel withdrew from two decades of military occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah responded with thousands of rockets rained down on Israeli communities. At the time, I cited false statements to that effect made by Michael Oren in a NY Times op-ed and Ethan Bronner in a Times article (links provided in that post). Unsurprisingly, Bibi Netanyahu has now joined in, quoted in today’s Ha’aretz:

"We will not allow the firing of thousands of rockets and missiles from Palestinian territories into Israel as was the case when we pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza.”

This is not an insignificant “mistake” but a concerted effort to convince the world that Israeli withdrawal is perversely punished by renewed Arab violence against civilians. Bibi, who has no desire to see the talks succeed, whatever that means, is clearly trying to set the stage to sabotage the negotiations with refusal to withdraw and/or unreasonable demands for retaining control after withdrawal. This is how history gets rewritten.

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