Jailbreak: Rep Donna Edwards raises money by championing human rights in Gaza

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New Policy.org is a lobby against the Israel lobby, and Donna Edwards, the great Maryland congressperson, is appearing at a fundraising event that the group is sponsoring, on Oct. 16, at the Sheraton Washington North Hotel in Beltsville, MD. 1-3. Maybe J Street will join up? From the press release, which is all about the occupation and Palestinian human rights:

Please join New Policy PAC at its reception for Congresswoman Donna Edwards on October 16, 2010.

Congresswoman Edwards will tell us about her work to end the occupation in Israel/Palestine. She has worked tirelessly for peace in the Middle East. 

Congresswoman Edwards has been one of 25 members of Congress to vote against H. Res. 34 “recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself” during Israel’s Gaza invasion of 2008/2009 that left 1400 Gazans dead in the span of three weeks. She has cosigned a letter by McDermott/Ellison highlighting the devastating effect of Israel’s blockade on the occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip. Moreover, she has personally visited Gaza in early 2009. 

Congresswoman Edwards has been a true friend of Palestinians and their quest for peace and justice.

She voted against H. Res. 867 calling on President Obama to “stop any further consideration” of the UN commsioned Goldstone Report documenting war crimes during Israel’s invasion of Gaza in 2008/2009. In short, Congresswoman Edwards’ record has been among the best in Congress, consistently pushing to end the Israeli occupation. In fact, she is ranked #2 on NewPolicy.org’s Congressional Score Card.

If you do not live in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, please support Edwards’ campaign by making a donation now.

Or send a check to New Policy PAC, PO Box 73526, Washington, DC 20056.

NewPolicy.org is a lobby working with members of Congress to enact legislation to end the Gaza siege, freeze Jewish settlements and establish a Palestinian State alongside Israel. NewPolicy.org also supports establishing a secular democratic state in all of Israel-Palestine. 

New Policy PAC, a sister organization of NewPolicy.org, fundraises for campaigns of members of Congress who support our mission. The New Policy family believes that ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not only vital to regional peace but important for the easing of Muslim-American tensions around the world. Please forward this invitation to all family and friends. We must support members of Congress who stand for justice and peace!



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