Les Gelb asks Why in heavens name is Obama obeisant

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Leslie Gelb at the Daily Beast. Yes why is the president bending over backward, Mr. Gelb, can’t you answer your own question? Well he won’t. In the New York Times a few years ago he said that the book The Israel Lobby was all wet. Gelb:

Two questions arise. Why aren’t the Israelis just saying “yes” right away? And why in heaven’s name is the Obama administration making this startlingly generous offer without good reason to believe the talks will succeed? …

By offering this no-future freeze pledge and advanced military hardware, Obama and Clinton are essentially eliminating America’s future bargaining leverage over Israel. Why would they do such a thing? …

Based on my reading of this torturous history, I would not try to start negotiating between Israel and Palestine by leaning on or bribing Israel for the umpteenth time. It hasn’t worked. It won’t work.

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