Yo, heads up, Mondo Awards roll-out begins this a.m.!

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Half a score and two days ago Annie announced the Mondo Awards contest with unnamed prizes but big name judges for compositions of inspiration, leadership, tragic suffering, joy, and laughter emanating from the conflict in Israel/Palestine. The submissions have been rolling in, and now we are going to start rolling them out for all to see in these last days of the old year (and maybe a day or two of the new year, we got a lot of them). This being social media, we welcome comments on the submissions… We are going to number the submissions as we publish them for ease of reference. The order is like so much else at this site somewhat arbitrary; the goal is to vary the offerings…

Note that there are two types of entry: 1, inspiring compositions by writers/entrants, and 2, nominations by writers of others as inspiring entrants.

Also: look for more Gaza Two Years Later remembrances to resume in the new year– after all, the Gaza onslaught persisted through January 2009. And for readers who don’t seek inspiration but despair/cynicism/gloom/, we will be posting the usual news and views from the conflict in and amongst the Mondo Awards entries.

Annie and I were moved by the response. We offer our deep and humble gratitude to all who made submissions and the generous/respectful spirit with which they did so. We hope the doorway this opens only gets bigger in days to come…

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