Baby steps (State Department is ‘aware’ of killing involving tear gas at protest)

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From the State Department today:

QUESTION: Were you aware of this protest that happened at Ambassador Cunningham’s house? At his residence in Tel Aviv over the weekend, a bunch of protestors tried to, quote-un-quote, “return teargas canisters” that were fired at them that led to the death of a protestor.

MR. CROWLEY: I’m not, actually.

QUESTION: Okay. The reason I ask is that the Israeli police say that some of the teargas canisters were still active and that they were treating it as an attack on a diplomatic facility.


QUESTION: Can you —

MR. CROWLEY: — we certainly support the investigation. I mean, I am aware of the episode in terms of the teargas, but I’m not aware of the protests. But I’m – we understand it’s being investigated.

QUESTION: Do you – so you – I’m sorry, you’re aware of the protest at the Ambassador’s residence or —

MR. CROWLEY: No, I do understand that there was teargas that was led off in conjunction with a protest – I didn’t know the location of the protest – and that I believe at least one person was killed as a result of that. And I believe it’s being investigated.

QUESTION: Well, this was – this is – there are two separate incidents.


QUESTION: There’s the one where the teargas was fired and then there was this one in front of – can you —

MR. CROWLEY: I did not know anything about the other —

QUESTION: Okay. Can – is it possible to check to see if you guys are treating this as an attack on one of your diplomatic facilities?


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