Skeptical ‘Washington Post’ report on teargassing death is written by reporter said to have served in Israeli army

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Jonathan Cook shares my interest in confused-nationalities in correspondents for major American papers:

A recent predecessor of [Ethan] Bronner’s, Joel Greenberg, did reserve duty in the Israeli army while he was reporting for the paper, apparently a fact known by the editors but also not considered a conflict of interest.

Alison Weir says that this fact on Greenberg comes from the Jewish Week, and he was bureau chief for the Times at the time.

Well here’s Joel Greenberg, writing for the Washington Post as a “special correspondent” on the Jawaher Abu Rahmah killing. The thrust of the piece is that the claimed cause of death is questionable. First two sentences and last one:

The Israeli army, which had questioned reports by Palestinian witnesses and doctors that tear gas led to the death of a woman after a protest against Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank on Friday, said Wednesday that it is still conducting its own inquiry into the death and will make an announcement after its completion.

Military officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, had earlier suggested that an existing medical condition might have contributed to 36-year-old Jawaher Abu Rahma’s death. ..

The army said the Palestinian medical reports “raise many questions and doubts,” and it described Palestinian cooperation in investigating the incident as “poor.”

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