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July 2011

Tent protests panic Netanyahu (and just might shake foundations of occupation)

Dena Shunra on

The Globes financial daily, which tends to lean towards free-market libertarianism, puts the word Panic in big, bold letters right over the picture of Netanyahu. (picture thanks to Didi Remez) Netanyahu does, in fact, have something to panic about. 150,000 Israeli citizens were out in the streets, demonstrating on Saturday evening, up from 30,000 the […]

Geller and Spencer’s work actually shaped Breivik’s ideas, Walt explains

Philip Weiss on

I’ve been afraid to go too hard after mass-murderer Anders Breivik for citing Islamophobic blogger Pamela Geller because people will respond that Osama bin Laden has cited Jimmy Carter and Walt and Mearsheimer. Steve Walt deals with this question in a great post on Breivik. On the intellectual culpability issue, he says that OBL did […]

I dreamed of Jerusalem

Sarah Ali on

It starts with a smile. A faint one apparently. But that doesn’t matter. I know as long as I’m smiling, nobody can wake me up. I shall keep the smile on my face. And I shall go on dreaming. I had a dream… I can hear my wife whisper something to the kids, but I’m […]

LGBTs in Israel declare, our struggle is against hasbara and pinkwashing

Philip Weiss on

Oh my lord, is the Arab spring coming to Israel at last? Here is the Jerusalem Post reporting on the 10th annual Jerusalem Gay Pride day parade of last Thursday: ‘The theme of this year’s march, led by Jerusalem’s Open House, is “Intertwined Paths,” honoring the way the gay struggle has dovetailed with popular struggles […]

Latest twist in Sanchez tailspin underscores cost of being accused of anti-Semitism

Philip Weiss on

The other day DailyKos accused me of anti-Semitism and I hit back hard. Since then I’ve reflected on how damaging a charge of anti-Semitism can be. And it’s a lot worse for non-Jews than for me– I’m somewhat insulated against the charge cuz I’m Jewish. I believe that Steve Walt and John Mearsheimer refused to […]

First he found WMDs in Iraq– now Jeffrey Goldberg finds ‘Jihadists did this in Norway’

Philip Weiss on

This is funny. Flapola nails Jeffrey Goldberg, and then Goldberg amends his post w/o saying as much, and then… well, it’s too complicated for me, but apparently Glenn Greenwald is after Goldberg, and some folks are going after Jim Fallows for assailing Jennifer Rubin for the same thing– wrongly blaming Norway on Muslims without any […]

500 protesters join boycott demo at Max Brenner store in Australia

Annie Robbins on

Hundreds of BDS demonstrators gathered again yesterday at Melbourne’s Central Business District to protest against the attack and arrest of 19  nonviolent BDS supporters on July 1st as reported here by Kim Bullimore. Victorian Police had previously arrested demonstrators at the Max Brenner cafe, owned by the Israeli Strauss Group, which directly funds two IDF brigades, […]

‘NYT’ offers Israeli a platform to call ‘Arab spring’ ‘Arab storm’

Philip Weiss on

 This op-ed by Aluf Benn, defense correspondent for Haaretz, in the New York Times today, shows how hardboiled the New York Times (and by extension American Jewish leadership) can be when it comes to Israel’s relationships with its neighbors. The dictatorship of Mubarak is seen as a good thing, stable and predictable, and no matter […]

‘Intelligence’ and Islamophobia – PowerPointed and neoconned

Paul Mutter on

A barely legible 2009 FBI PowerPoint on “Islam” has come down the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) line at a very unfortunate time following the right-wing terrorist attacks in Norway. But it is very much part of that tragedy. The 62-slide PowerPoint presentation, which the FBI states that it is no longer in use, is […]

Silverstein says he was banned at Daily Kos

Philip Weiss on

 Richard Silverstein believes he’s been banned from posting at Daily Kos because of his non-Zionist politics. And it happened lately. Girding up its loins for the 2012 cycle? Update: My bad, Silverstein wrote this a few years back, but sent it to me yesterday. 

Anti-boycott law scores own goal: int’l LGBT youth group takes its gen’l assembly out of Israel

Eleanor Kilroy on

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO) have released a joint Statement with Israel Gay Youth (IGY) on the former’s decision to withdraw this year’s General Assembly (GA) from Israel. In June, Palestinian Queer organizations had called on IGLYO Member Organizations (MO) to vote “NO to IGLYO in Israel”. In spite of the […]

Curb your racism

Eleanor Kilroy on

  I’ve watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm I could get hold of, and the clip from this Season 8 episode has left me grim-faced and angry. Larry David and Jeff enthusiastically check-out a (fictional) L.A. Palestinian restaurant, ‘Al-Abbas’, famed for its chicken, and whilst praising the cuisine they set about insulting the people. […]

Surviving the Dahieh War: Rami Zurayk’s ‘War Diary: Lebanon 2006’

Helena Cobban on

Thirty months before there was Cast Lead, there was the Dahieh War, a sustained assault against Lebanon during which the Israeli military flattened an entire neighborhood of tightly packed high-rises in southern Beirut called simply “the Dahieh” (the suburb.) The vast majority of the 300,000 people who lived until then in the Dahieh had fled […]

In ‘Int’l Herald Tribune,’ MK Tibi endorses full boycott call

Annie Robbins on

A very significant — not to mention daring — statement by MK Ahmad Tibi, Palestinian member and deputy speaker of the Israeli Parliament, explicitly lays out the three key injustices that Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinian people for decades (precisely concurring with those mentioned in the BDS Call as the motives for BDS). He […]

Breivik’s exclusivist nationalism reminds Sullivan of Zionism

Philip Weiss on

Sullivan makes the analogy to ultra-Zionist settlers, but how long before he is talking about Zionist zealots in the U.S.? (At Foreign Policy today there is a long discussion cobylined Shmuel Rosner, now of the Jewish People Planning Institute, about demographics and emigration in Israel, describing Israel as the Jewish homeland and refuge to oppressed peoples […]

The same Islamophobic bloggers and pundits that influenced Norway killer also influence Congress

Adam Horowitz on

In light of the Oslo attacks, it is important to pause and contemplate what sparked this event, and indeed where such hatred comes from. One thing is clear: this in no way occurred in isolation. It was a disconcerting coincidence that an article on the front page of Monday’s New York Times coincided with a sensationalist event entitled “Homegrown Jihad in […]

Israeli bulldozers edge ever closer to… Al Badawi

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday there were more arrests in al Walaja, the village west of Bethlehem which is being enveloped by The Wall, as people protested against the destruction of village land. Once again Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh was arrested by Israeli soldiers (for the third time), as were Sherin Al-Araj and five Israeli anti-occupation activists. That news is […]