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July 2011

American Jews feel warmer about Netanyahu than Obama — in switch from a year ago

Philip Weiss on

I’m late to this J Street poll of American Jewish opinion from two weeks back. It shows what I always say, American Jews are conservative on the Israel/Palestine issue, and they’re the wrench in the works. American Jews disapprove of Obama’s handling of the Israel/Palestine conflict, by 56-44, and don’t want a Palestinian statehood declaration. […]

Australian police crack down on BDS protest, arresting 19

Kim Bullimore on

On July 1, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) in Melbourne Australia held a non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) action in Melbourne’s CBD. The non-violent and peaceful demonstration of more than 120 people was violently attacked by the Victorian Police and 19 activists were arrested.  They are now facing fines of up to $30,000.   The non-violent […]

Daily Kos, anti-semitism, & the zombie peace process

Annie Robbins on

The following is a comment from one of my favorite bloggers attached to an important “diary” from Adalah at the popular website Daily Kos. Appropriately titled Israel: Protesters Responsible for Their Own Deaths the diary is an excellent example of some of the fine writing you will find at Daily Kos. I’d like you to […]

My response to ‘DailyKos’ smear

Philip Weiss on

DailyKos has acted to ban commenters from linking to Mondoweiss, charging me with anti-Semitism. It is a disgraceful smear and hides DailyKos’s real anxiety: it cannot deal with the issue of Palestinian human rights, any more than the Democratic Party can, and so Israel supporters are striking at me. Their point of attack is my […]

Let’s stand with Shireen Al-Araj and the courageous people of Al-Walaja

Adam Horowitz on

I just read a news item this morning stating that Shireen Al-Araj—together with Mazen Qumsiyeh and 5 internationals—have been detained by Israeli soldiers in the village of Al-Walaja. Many of you may already know about Mazin because of his activism in the US or because of his activism in Palestine–by his own account, before today he […]

Israeli Foreign Ministry video replicates settler propaganda word for word

Adam Horowitz on

Look familiar? This video was made by the YESHA Council, an Israeli settler umbrella group, in May. Gal Beckerman has a post over at the Forward about how the same filmmaker, Shlomo Blass, made an almost identical video for the Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Bass is also responsible for Caroline Glick’s racist We Con […]

Jenin Freedom Theatre raided in the middle of the night by Israeli military

Adam Horowitz on

Damage to the Freedom Theatre (Photo: Emily Smith) The following press release was sent out by the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp: Special Forces of the Israeli Army attacked the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp at approximately 03:30 this morning. Ahmad Nasser Matahen, a night guard and technician student at the theatre woke […]

Holocaust memories and ‘roots tourism’ in Eastern Europe

Philip Weiss on

A trip to Eastern European cities cannot be complete without visiting the Jewish quarters. The beautifully inscribed names of Bohemian and Moravian Holocaust victims on the inner walls of the serene Pinkas Synagogue in Prague brought tears to my eyes. The text of the inscriptions was compiled from card indexes, drawn up shortly after the […]

Israeli Foreign Ministry launches social media hasbara campaign featuring cute yellow puppet called ‘Hans von Puppet’

Eleanor Kilroy on

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs enlarged its budget for the “Brand Israel” campaign last year to an unprecedented 100 million Shekels (over $26,260,000). In an article entitled “Will we conquer the world?”, translated by PULSE media, Globes found out that the Ministry’s PR activity would focus on the internet, especially on social networks.  Is.Real 2011 has […]

New book investigates the intersection of Jewish identity with the struggle for Palestinian rights

Adam Horowitz on

I was in London, interviewing a very sharp, very funny elderly lady; one of the leading members of the British group Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Since she’d been critiquing Palestinian solidarity, I asked her mischievously; ‘So what scope is there for critical solidarity’. The answer was decisive, not a trace of hesitation: ‘there’s none’, […]

‘NYT’ spots Ed Koch standing by Israeli flag (in story hinting at Planet Zio)

Philip Weiss on

Ashley Parker reports in the New York Times on the race to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress from Brooklyn. The piece is all about Israel, with Sheldon Silver, the N.Y. assembly speaker, saying that Israel is the “number one concern of Jewish voters.” But lest you think that the issue has become politicized, the two […]

Israeli efforts to thwart interracial dating are throwback to Mississippi Sen. Bilbo railing against ‘mongrelization of white race’

Philip Weiss on

How much more information about how Zionism worked out do you need before you get off the bus, homey? From Haaretz: Palestinians are no longer bagging groceries most days at the Rami Levi supermarket at the Gush Etzion junction, after a romance between a Palestinian bagger and a Jewish cashier spurred local rabbis to demand […]

Anti-Muslim law enforcement trainer cited by Norway killer rakes in U.S. taxpayer cash

Alex Kane on

The U.S. government has strongly denounced the recent massacre by a right-wing extremist in Norway, which killed at least 76 people. But at the same time, sectors of the U.S. government have paid an anti-Muslim activist who helped fuel Anders Behring Breivik’s twisted ideology. Breivik has admitted to being behind the massacre in Norway. The […]

Thanks for making our fund-drive successful!

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on

What a day! Our fundraising drive is over and successful, and we want to offer deep gratitude to our readers. We reached our goal of $40,000 (including a matching grant of $10,000 from an anonymous friend) in just under a month. The response has been a great boon to us: it tells us that this […]

Right wing seeks to paint Breivik as neo-Nazi so as to disguise the truth, of shared beliefs

Eleanor Kilroy on

The online edition of the Murdoch tabloid The Sun is still using the ‘Nazi’ tag for Anders Behring Breivik. In today’s print edition ‘Nazi’ has been replaced by ‘Devil’. Breivik had his own label for the leader of Nazi Germany: Hitler was ’The great Satan’. From his compendium, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, under the section […]

Norwegian victims ‘got what they deserved,’ say some Israeli commenters

Philip Weiss on

Remember when they kept saying that some Palestinians cheered the 9/11 attacks? Well, JJ Goldberg has a thorough report in the Forward on nasty sentiment throughout Hebrew websites in Israel, Israelis saying Norway got what it deserved because of its pro-Palestinian positions. This is true self-isolation.  Excerpt:

Palestinian statehood initiative is educational tactic in a long struggle

Richard Congress on

At his site, Rick Congress notes that many regard the recognition of a Palestinian state on 22 percent of historic Palestine is an unjust solution, then writes: The campaign for the recognition of a Palestinian state is symbolic. But it serves to put Israel/US on the spot to put up or shut up. It exposes […]

Routine humiliation of Palestinians is now part of the global Israeli brand

Annie Robbins on

Ouch: “We gave our passports to the [Fijian] officer, and when she saw we are Israelis she asked for ID cards. We told her we don’t understand why we need ID cards and she responded shouting: ‘You know very well how to ask Palestinians for IDs and humiliate them for three years.”

Liberal Rx for Muslims in Europe is kryptonite for Zionists

Philip Weiss on

One quick point on the Norwegian massacre. Today Roger Cohen in the New York Times esteems the “successful integration” of Muslims in Europe (notwithstanding different values on marriage and women’s rights). James Fallows made a similar point on NPR on Saturday afternoon:

Douglas begat Trumbo, and Trumbo begat Exodus

Jeffrey Blankfort on

From the JTA: Kirk Douglas, 94, is honored for breaking the Hollywood blacklist 50 years ago by hiring the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo for his film Spartacus. Trumbo had been blacklisted.