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November 2011

Alhamdulillah Thanksgiving

Fidaa Abuassi on

A visitor to Gaza leaves precious bags he has promised to deliver to Greece in a cab.

Why is Charlie Rose hugging Seth Klarman?

Philip Weiss on

Charlie Rose’s friend Seth Klarman gives tons to liberal causes– but also supports pro-settler groups and rightwing pro-Israel organizations

Now they care

Philip Weiss on

It takes the brutalization of a NY Times photographer to make Allison Hoffman get upset about Israeli soldiers

Personal narratives vs. a colonial reality: Inside the Palestine Writing Workshop

Ian Rhodewalt on

Nancy Kricorian meets with the Palestine Writing Workshop We settle into our chairs, our small talk introductions, as we wait for the table to fill up. The workshop, titled “Family Stories: Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Narrative from Life” with Nancy Kricorian, is being offered by the Palestine Writing Workshop and draws us for different reasons. […]

The last koffiyeh factory in Palestine

Mariam Al-Barghouti and Deema Al-Saafin on

The Herbawi Textile Factory, located in Hebron is the only producer of the original koffiyeh in all of Palestine.

Mondo… Beyondo

Philip Weiss on

Mondoweiss began as personal blog for Philip Weiss 6 years ago. Now the site is professional, that stuff will be filed under Beyondo

Thanksgiving in Gaza

Kate on

It started with a question from Jabar, a farmer from Faraheen, during Eid al-Adha. “Is there an American holiday where you slaughter an animal?”