Jennifer Bing


Jennifer Bing just returned from Gaza and says there a new spirit of hope following the Palestinian reconciliation deal. “We are happy to feel any kind of hope, but reconciliation must result in the liberation of Palestine,” a fisherman on the docks in Gaza City tells her. “We are the port to the world, but the blockade needs to end.”

Israeli arrest raids into towns and villages across the West Bank, army interrogations without parental or legal counsel, and sentencing in military courts are the reality of many Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years old. This experience is highlighted in the photography exhibit “Night Raid,” opening at Gallery Al-Quds in Washington, DC on September 30. Photojournalist Richard Cahan knocked on doors in the occupied West Bank late at night and asked residents to stand for pictures in their doorways. The results are a striking image of life under occupation.