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We are grateful for Mondoweiss, a resource we use to educate and organize people

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Bishop Desmond Tutu wrote about Palestine, “Those of us who lived through the decades of Apartheid South Africa know the transforming power of truth-telling. The act of seeking, and then saying, the truth can help to right persistent wrongs and can even sow the seeds of reconciliation.”

This principle is present to us constantly in our work organizing to end the Gaza blockade through our Gaza Unlocked campaign. We know how important stories in the media are to changing public opinion. So we are grateful for Mondoweiss, a resource we use to educate people who want and need the truth about Palestine.

When we have polled Americans at farmer’s markets or spoken to audiences about life for Palestinians in Gaza, we often are asked, “Where can I find news about Gaza?”

Donate to Mondoweiss“Read Mondoweiss,” we say. “It’s an independent website.” Since the beginning of the Great March of Return, Mondoweiss has been even more critical as a news source for people seeking accurate, full information. That’s why we contribute financially — and ask that you join us — to ensure this home of truth-telling not only survives but thrives.

We hear frequently from our family and friends in Gaza, who remind us that every day the blockade continues, more dreams are shattered, more hopes are crushed, more lives are lost. You may have loved ones there as well — people who struggle to be productive despite electricity cuts, absence of clean water, lack of medical, building, and school supplies, and youth unemployment nearing 60 percent.

Jennifer Bing at a rally for the child detention bill HR 4391.

We have seen with our own eyes how two million Palestinians in Gaza remain steadfast in their quest for a life of dignity and freedom — and it is an inspiration to us to work harder to make that future possible.

As you know, Mondoweiss publishes not only articles that give critical perspective from people on the ground in Gaza (such as the essay by Ahmed Abu Artema, Palestinian organizer of the Great March of Return), but also critiques of mainstream news outlets that often get the story wrong.

Mondoweiss delivers reporting not found elsewhere, analysis of current events, and a platform for book reviews and longer pieces giving important historical information. We learn consistently from Mondoweiss stories about activism, highlighting the efforts of people around the world who have organized vigils and protests, sat in Congressional offices, sailed on boats, and marched to the boundary fence to challenge injustice in every way possible.

And Bishop Tutu’s important message above, calling us all to action, was part of his introduction to a groundbreaking book edited and published by Mondoweiss‘s editors: The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict. This volume, which exposed the Israeli army’s actions during “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008-9, would not exist without Mondoweiss leaders’ dedication and expertise.

Donate to MondoweissPlease join us in donating today to Mondoweiss. We are all fortunate to learn from the site’s commitment to truth-telling. We all benefit from their example of how to bring about change in discourse on Palestine and Israel.

Mondoweiss deserves support from you and us — from all who seek a world where human dignity and freedom are valued.

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Jennifer Bing and Jehad Abusalim are organizers with American Friends Service Committee, Chicago.

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