Art-washing: Museum at F.I.T. ducks calls on sponsorship by settlement-builder Leviev

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Adalah-NY demonstrates outside Museum at F.I.T.

From the art site, Hyperallergic:

This past Saturday, activists in New York sang carols in the streets as the holidays approached. Don’t think that this was aimless festivities, though; these carolers had a mission. Juxtaposing familiar melodies with acerbic, witty lyrics, the activists sang in protest of the infamous Israeli settlement-developer and (possible blood) diamond magnate Lev Leviev and the Museum at FIT’s unrelenting sponsorship deal with him.

We reported on the Museum at FIT’s controversial tie to Leviev a few weeks ago, but as of yet there’s been no decision made (or even the faintest desire to handle the situation, it would seem.) Patrick Connors from the human rights organization Adalah-NY has been tracking the situation and had this breakdown for us:

“On November 22, 2011 Steve Tuttle [FIT’s chief legal officer] left me a voicemail saying they were looking into it. In a November 23 phone discussion Tuttle told me they had a committee working on the issue. On November 29 they told WWD they were looking into it. On December 8 Adalah-NY sent them all added info they might have needed and offered again to put them in touch with experts on these topics.”

There’s been no further development, and the numerous attempts made by Hyperallergic to contact FIT’s Public Relations department have been unfulfilled. Getting into pure speculation mode, considering the Daphne Guinness exhibition closes on January 7, 2012, it’s possible the Museum at FIT is just trying to ride the situation out without drawing too much attention to the matter.

Time’s running out, but we’ll keep you posted in the event a decision is made.

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It’s good that “Hyperallergic” keeps asking, keeps up a bit of pressure. Keep them thinking at FIT.

But money is money, so people who depend on donations (like museums and politicians and universities) are unlikely to kick a prominent Zionist donor in the pants (and thereby put themselves in bad odor with all the other if less prominent Zionists donors).

for background i recommend Allison Deger’s “Human rights groups target fashion icon over NYC exhibition funded by settlement tycoon Lev Leviev” Lev Leviev, Israeli settlement mogul and blood diamond trader, is still a target. This month he sponsored an exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology curated by Daphne Guinness, and human rights organizations are calling for the fashion icon and heiress to distance herself from Leviev. Adalah-NY, CodePink, Jewish Voice for Peace, and… Read more »

RE: “Art-washing: Museum at F.I.T. ducks calls on sponsorship by settlement-builder Leviev” ~ Weiss MY COMMENT: This reminds me of the Musee de l’Elysee’s erstwhile association with the Lacoste Elysée Prize 2011. I am so overcome with “joie de vivre”! A NEW FACEBOOK GROUP Name: Boycott Lacoste Description: A group for individuals who are incensed that the clothing company Lacoste disqualified Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour’s “sci-fi photo series” Nation Estate as one of the finalists… Read more »