Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House – WINEP hotline

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Dennis and Bibi
Benjamin Netanyahu and Dennis Ross

Last week, Haaretz’s Barak Ravid broke the story that Dennis Ross, late of the Obama administration, had never actually given up his security clearance and was still playing an outsized, and seemingly unchecked, role in advising the president. Now Ravid has a follow-up revelation that suggests just how strong the Ross-White House connection still is: shortly after leaving the White House, the Obama team requested that a special secure phone line be installed in Ross’s office. That’s right, in his office, which just happens to be at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the AIPAC-affiliated neocon redoubt that boasts Marty Peretz and Henry Kissinger among its Board of Advisors and Daniel Pipes among its “adjunct scholars.”

If there was ever a metaphor for the special relationship between Israel lobbyists and the White House this surely would be it. Notes Ravid: “There aren’t many independent researchers that receive such privileges.”

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Is it Ross or Obama that listens when the other calls?

So, who is running this country (USA)?… Israel?

Zionist Occupied White House.

This is appalling and scary as well. The various conspiracies involving suspected Israeli involvement (e.g Operation Northwoods-US Liberty) that I have dismissed as improbable, are now morphing into really plausible conspiracies. The current MSM obsession with the Iran-Israel standoff is just ripe for another Israeli staged false flag operation to provide a pretext. To the barricades!

Holy s***! ran this piece on a Gazan break dancing crew.

I think this might be the first thing I’ve seen on their website that portrays Palestinians as human beings. The Camps Breakerz Crew is pretty wack, though. LOL