Gingrich got $5 million for saying Palestinians are invented people (lord, why am I so cynical?)

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Why do so many people have a conspiratorial view of the Israel lobby? One reason is that our media are largely silent on what we all know to be a real  force in our politics, and so feverish minds are left to speculate.

The latest evidence. A week or so after Newt Gingrich said that the Palestinians are an invented people, his Super PAC has received $5 million from Sheldon Adelson, whose central cause is Israel.

And lo, the Associated Press fails to mention Adelson’s cause in its coverage. The Washington Post broke the story but included just one sentence about Israel, buried in paragraph 8, and ungrammatically:

Adelson is a strong supporter of Israel and his views dovetail with Gingrich on Israel and the Palestinian conflicts.

Blackout artists at The New York Times write up the gift without a word about Adelson’s cause:

As candidates spent the weekend trying to catch up to Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, with the primary just two days away, a longtime supporter of Newt Gingrich donated $5 million to a “super PAC” backing his presidential bid, providing a major boost to Mr. Gingrich’s ailing campaign. The donation by Sheldon Adelson was reported Saturday night by The Washington Post. He has long been a generous patron of Mr. Gingrich’s political career….

The cash infusion from Mr. Adelson instantly catapults Winning Our Future into the top ranks of candidate super PACs, groups that can raise unlimited amounts of money from donors and spend it all on advertisements and other efforts to back a specific candidate, so long as they do not coordinate with the campaign.

You may remember that investigative reporter Michael Isikoff also forgot to mention Adelson’s cause on NBC— even as he talked about Romney’s Mormonism. Different strokes for different folks!

Speaking of money and influence, this is a quote I missed in Josh Nathan-Kazis’s report in the Forward about neoconservative money going after Obama:

“We raise a lot of money,” said Matt Brooks, executive director of the RJC. “Literally tens of millions every cycle, our members and leaders raise for candidates.”

Literally tens of millions every cycle. That’ll get some folks’ attention. Has this money played any role in Obama, Romney and Gingrich’s policy stances? Well that would be cynical, wouldn’t it…

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The seemingly-obvious question is HOW is the MSM influenced in such a way.

On this website in the recent past, there have been articles and discussions about the impact of “Jewish money” on US politics -is there to be one relating to the media as well?

“The seemingly-obvious question is HOW is the MSM influenced in such a way.”
Just have a look at who owns the MSM, and that question is answered.

Literally tens of millions every cycle. That’ll get some folks’ attention.

yeah. it’s ok for the forward to publish that but not the msm. the kind of attention that will generate is primarily those trying to silence it. maybe. the rest of us will be accused of anti semitism.

What exactly was that objection about votes and senators being bought by Israel again? Oh, it was pointing it out they didn’t like, not the fact that it happens, and Congress is in the pocket of some foreign apartheid-loving wingnuts.

“Sheldon Adelson to Birthright group: Gingrich is right to call Palestinians ‘invented people'”