Freedom Funnies: ‘You Can’t Just Continue’

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This is the latest installment in Ethan Heitner’s Freedom Funnies series for Mondoweiss. It is part one of an interview with Palestinian filmmaker and writer Annemarie Jacir. You can see the entire Freedom Funnies series here

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Jacir 1
Jacir 2
Jacir 3
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Really well done, and heart-wrenching. Those borders are what finally drove me out of Palestine. Sheer horror. Truly the banality of evil.

ditto. it’s an awful experience, even for a white American. I sorta want to do Xanax the next time too, my anxiety builds for a day….

i was hanging in the west bank with some palestinian americans from jersey. they always fly through jordan, then cross over into the OPT. i was shocked that they had to pay a FEE to get into their homeland…. pay a FEE for the humiliation of being checked by israelis, to get into the effing OPT. it pisses them off. it is absurd. i also met a palestinian who is married to a canadian, and… Read more »

i wanted to the end and fair! i hope there is an update on the shrunken crew filming guerilla style. great interview. i want to see the film. thanks for this.

I was denied entry in mid-2002 when the Israeli’s first started cracking down on foreign passport holders entry into Palestine. I was relatively lucky to be among those first denied access. The Israelis weren’t yet organized, and using a new second passport I was able to return to Palestine a month and a half later. As a foreigner I was also lucky in that if I hadn’t been able to return I wasn’t losing access… Read more »