Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16

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Photo from attack at Omar Ghraieb’s site

What mainstream media wouldn’t tell you or give you details about:

Gaza, March 10, Gaza witnessed a sleepless night after a continuous series of air-raids performed by Israel’s different warplanes (Apache, Drones, and F16s). It started on March 9, 5:00 pm, when Israeli warplanes targeted a blue car in a populated area. The blue Opel became a little box of steel, completely burned and blown into little shrapnel. It happened in Tal Al Hawa, Western Gaza, and caused the death of Zuheir Qaisy, Secretary-General of the Popular Resistance Committees and Mahmoud Hanini, freed prisoner in Shalit swap deal, originally from Nablus. A third passer-by was critically injured.

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Later that night, 8:30 pm, March 9, medics announced the death of Khaled Harara, 22, and Obaid Al Gharabli, 23, both belong to Saraya Al Quds, armed wing of Islamic Jihad after being targeted by Israeli warplanes. Medics announced the discovery of a third body in the same place, Hazem Qureqe’.

Israeli warplanes continued bombarding Gaza heavily till 2:30 am, March 10. No place in Gaza was safe, Israeli warplanes raided Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Gaza, civilian houses, highly populated areas and highly trafficked crossroads.

Another 6 Gazans were killed by Israeli warplanes in different areas across Gaza:
Shady Sieqali, Fayeq Sa’d, Mo’tasem Hajjaj, Ahmed Hajjaj, Mohamed Al Mughari and Mahmoud Nejem. Most martyrs were members of Saraya Al Quds, Islamic Jihad. Local resistance in Gaza retaliated and showered nearby Israeli settlements with homemade rockets.

Some of the areas that were targeted by Israeli warplanes: Beit Lahyah, Shuja’yah, Sudaneyah, Maqousi Towers, Palestinian Legislative Council, Rimal Area, Tal Al Hawa, Yarmouk Street, Rafah, Khan Younis and other different areas.

Israel and armed Palestinian factions in Gaza, all denied the news about a cease fire so escalation is in the air.

Stay tuned….

Ghraieb’s piece first appeared at Gaza: In the eyes of the beholder

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From reading Harretz on this exchange you would hardly know it’s the same event. This story: Local resistance in Gaza retaliated and showered nearby Israeli settlements with homemade rockets. Harretz: Since Friday, a total of nearly 100 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza. Harretz scrambles the timeline but makes it sound like the Gaza rockets precipitated the first Israeli attack. This article clearly states the exchange began with the Israeli attack on the… Read more »

How far is west Gaza from east Gaza,a few hundred feet?Talk about a narrow indefensible state.Sheesh.
Ah,the Rotweillers were stopped from blowing up Iran and Syria(well at least openly)so they had to exercise some some good old repression on their captive mice,as therapy for their frustration.
I see the Iron Dome was given credit for shooting down 25 of 27 large bottle rockets.Stock options anyone?Iron rusts,maybe the Stainless Steel Dome would have better connotations?

while the world looked the other way…well, while the u.s continnues to look the other way. to all the hasbarist that float on through here, congratulations on your humanitarian concerns for all the people that you guys care so much for, you give israel a great name and by association you also reflect on others of your tribe by default. again, my congrats to you guys for all you do on behalf of your people,… Read more »

This is what Jewish self determination is .

This is what Jewish self preservation is.,7340,L-4200813,00.html