Brilliant judges rule that administrative detention is copacetic

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First, Ha’aretz reports from the frontier of junk science about how genetically intelligent Jews are (saying “clever” would make one an anti-Semite):

Many liberal Jews maintain, at least in public, that the plethora of Jewish lawyers, doctors and comedians is the product of our cultural heritage, but the science tells a more complex story. Jewish success is a product of Jewish genes as much as of Jewish moms.

Then, Ha’aretz reports how Israeli’s very intelligent Jewish judges have determined – by the most rigorous judicial thinking – that “administrative detention” is still kosher. Check out the 15-points-above-average-IQ reasoning:

“Administrative detention is an aberration in the judicial field, and thus, no one can deny, must be used as little as possible, even if we don’t remember that it’s used in the world at large, and mainly because we do not forget that Israel regularly fights terror and those who seek to harm it from many directions,” they added, saying: “The state should not have to apologize for securing its own safety.” 

But if you dear reader consider this ruling rather treif [not Kosher] from a legal rights perspective, these very same intelligent Supreme Court judges do suggest some reforms to the Israeli government:

“It’s possible that there’s room to revisit – and this is said with much caution and with no ‘bottom line’ – notions that have come up in the past, [referring to] the possibility of giving access to the material to a jurist acceptable to the detainees, and who could be a former top civil jurist or judge,” the justices added.

The justices added that such a step could “bring the discussion closer to the detainees’ rights, without harming security,” saying: “However, we’re aware that the broader consequences aren’t in our full awareness and are not setting anything in stone.”

So, if you are one of those prisoners under “administrative detention” that may be the result of a too zealous application of the law by the Israeli government, you remain without a legal remedy, as only the government itself has sufficient information to determine whether it has been too zealous. And that’s the news from Israel’s only liberal newspaper.

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Are you saying these judges are — like — comedians? No, trouble is, they are precisely like — judges. They are judges to decide cases, which is what judges everywhere do, according to their best lights — and the law, if any — in context. In the USA our dear, clever, S/C sees its way by the light shed by excessive capitalism, as this is their “best lights”. And what officials in the USA do… Read more »

“the 15-points-above-average-IQ reasoning”…

No doubt about it, Bruce…you are today’s lucky winner of the “Mooser Mondoweiss Humor Award”.

They’re so intelligent that it gives them the right to trample over people who are unfortunately born from the wrong mothers? Didn’t that used to be called eugenics?

Not only junk science, but science reporting with a decidedly Zionist bias. Here’s Ha’aretz’s blurb: To his credit, Ostrer also addresses the third rail of discussions about Jewishness and race: the issue of intelligence. Jews were latecomers to the age of freethinking. While the Enlightenment swept through Christian Europe in the 17th century, the Haskalah did not gather strength until the early 19th century. By the beginning of the new millennium, however, Jews were thought… Read more »

Aren’t there any drugs that can cure copacetsy?
Or is it anti-copacetic to try?