Video: #Flagwoman protester raises Palestinian flag on Israeli military vehicle outside Ofer prison

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Earlier today, we posted an inspiring photo of a protester climbing on top of an Israeli military vehicle as she protested outside Ofer prison in solidarity with the ongoing prisoner hunger strike. The photo has gone viral under the hashtag #Flagwoman and the protester has been identified as Rana Hamadeh.

Above is video of the protest and the aftermath when Israeli military tried to arrest her. Activists protected her from the military and were pepper sprayed at point blank range.

Abir Kopty tweeted:

Linah Alsaafin added:

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What insipring heroes the nation of Palestine to face down the cockroaches of the I”D”F.

that boot in the video ….

truly inspiring. remember the outrage in the us when a cop peppersprayed college activists at close range? what is the differenc.e beautiful bold palestinians hugging one another on the ground, and they spray them in the face. i hope the world sees this and americans honor our tradition of civil… Read more »

I was confused as well. I had believed that an IDF boot’s normal position was On the neck of a Palestinian–not on the hands.

Time and again, Palestinians in the Israeli occupied West Bank are arrested, attacked or punished for raising the Palestinian flag, or using Palestinian symbols. Since Israel and its sponsor, the U.S., continue to peddle the two-state paradigm, one would think that at the very least, Israel would allow/tolerate/condone the use… Read more »