Stopped by apartheid on the way to Madonna’s ‘peace concert’

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From the Vimeo page:

The Amira family activists of Ni’lin village try to get to Madonna’s “Peace Concert”.
They hold the proper concert tickets yet the road is long: determined they try to get through the apartheid wall, through the checkpoint, request assistance from the DCO office, but will they make it??

Remember, this is the same concert that Madonna invited “600 members of the Israeli and Palestinian peace camps” to attend for free. While her fans in Nil’in couldn’t go, it looks like some made it:

Grinning PN idiots
Peace Now, Israel, 31 May (Yariv Oppenheimer)

(h/t Eleanor Kilroy)

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modanna is as phony and cheap as Israel.

Iranians died to protect Kabala or get there. midonue thought it was a hat. Crap! Did I just say that with my mouth full?

Madonna told Tel Aviv- “when peace comes to Israel it will come to the whole world”

The Zionist operating system is not built to run peace.

yes … the ZOS (Zionist Operating System) is built to hog disc space from other essential programs that were actually there first, to draw the majority of its security from an outside provider as well as much of its power to run from that outside source – yet to control that outside much larger source, to use cloud services to spread its messages and code, to use malicious code to commandeer more space and force… Read more »

The Amira family were VERY fortunate to have been stopped from going to a madonna gig if you ask me. I’d rather have an armpit full of writhing fleas than watch that racist arrogant charlatan. At least them fleas are honest about their intentions and can also tickle you to goofdom.