Dennis Ross urges Iran war in deceptive ‘NYT’ op-ed

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Under the misleading headline “How America Can Slow Israel’s March to War,” former White House official/former and current Israel lobbyist Dennis Ross delivers a prescription for the opposite:

Second, America should begin discussions with the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany (the so called P5+1) about a “day after” strategy in the event that diplomacy fails and force is used. This would signal to both Israel and Iran that we mean what we say about all options being on the table.

Third, senior American officials should ask Israeli leaders if there are military capabilities we could provide them with — like additional bunker-busting bombs, tankers for refueling aircraft and targeting information — that would extend the clock for them.

And finally, the White House should ask Mr. Netanyahu what sort of support he would need from the United States if he chose to use force — for example, resupply of weapons, munitions, spare parts, military and diplomatic backing, and help in terms of dealing with unexpected contingencies. The United States should be prepared to make firm commitments in all these areas now in return for Israel’s agreement to postpone any attack until next year — a delay that could be used to exhaust diplomatic options and lay the groundwork for military action if diplomacy failed.

If Dennis Ross represented any country other than Israel, he’d be exposed as an agent of a foreign government subverting U.S. foreign policy in opposition to U.S. best interests.

The solution to the current standoff with Iran begins with a long-overdue apology and reparations for the overthrow of Mossadegh.

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Iran is no existential threat to Israel. The only one out there is the one posed by Israel to the United States.

Actually, an argument was made that Dennis Ross, as an employee of the Jewish Agency (which has a long and sordid history in the US), was an acting foreign agent. A public call that he duly register coincided with his move from State to the White House…


What a sleazy and transparent piece of propaganda. Ross is not even trying to hide his extremist bent anymore.

Look people here is the thing. If US doesn’t want to play world cop anymore that’s fine it’s your right. But if Iran reaches an Israeli red line and the choice would be let them breach it because US is not on board or hit them even if it’s just a delay we will hit them, hard, just to make sure that they don’t have a good chance to recover for at least a few… Read more »

And then we should ask Netanyahu if he wants fries with that.