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Anyone who follows the drumbeat for war with Iran or the campaign for the civil rights of Bradley Manning knows that the tireless radio host Scott Horton has done some of the best work here, including lately interviews with Marcy Wheeler, Gareth Porter, Flynt Leverett, Daniel Ellsberg, Philip Giraldi, Chase Madar, Karen Kwiatkowski and David Bromwich. Horton and I differ politically– he lives in Texas and is big on the Second Amendment– but ideological diversity is crucial to a movement, and I’ve gone on Horton’s show whenever I’ve been invited because we know that this mission requires creative coalition. We oppose a war on Iran, we embrace Manning as our generation’s Ellsberg, and we want to call out the Israel lobby’s workings inside US political life. (When we’ve won on those fronts, he and I can quarrel all we like.)

As Horton reminded us today, quoting the Council on Foreign Relations feed: “We continue to assess that Iran is not on the verge of achieving a nuclear weapon.” U.S. NatSec spokesman Tommy Vietor.

Or as Horton described an encounter he had with another expert pushing Iran war on youtube not long ago: “Scott Horton refutes the lies of some third-string neocon water-carrier.”

Horton left a few weeks back and is now on his own, on Liberty Radio based in Los Angeles. You should listen to Horton’s shows to keep him going, but more than that he needs donations to keep up the good work. I’m going to be sending him a check in Austin, Texas, but there are plenty of other ways at the link to keep Horton on air. We need him.

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Annie Robbins

thanks phil


Thanks for the heads up Phil!

Bill in Maryland
Bill in Maryland

Thanks Phil- just donated via PayPal. I first learned about you and your invaluable work when you were interviewed by Scott Horton in the summer of 2008.


Thanks for the info Phil – just made a donation. Scott has been doing important interviews for a long time. He needs our help.


Thanks Phil. Horton just did another great interview with Flynt Leverett over at RACE FOR IRAN. unable to link. How often do you see Chris Matthews have Flynt or Hillary Mann Leverett on.. retired Lt Col Karen Kwiatowski? Anyone else questioning the push to attack Iran?