‘NYT’ publishes op-ed saying there are ‘too many Palestinians and Arabs’ in Israel

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“Preserving Israel’s Uncertain Status Quo,” by Aaron David Miller on the Times Op-Ed page, includes this disturbing argument:

Yes Israel has serious worries… The country’s demographics look bad — too many ultra-Orthodox Jews, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs and not enough secular Jews.

Search for these phrases in the New York Times: Too many blacks in Alabama. Too many Jews in New York City.

Note that Obama’s friend Eric Yoffie, a liberal Zionist, has used the same phrase, “too many Arabs.” I.e., you don’t pay a price for such rhetoric in the U.S. No; you get into the New York Times!

By the way, the thrust of the Aaron David Miller analysis is that things are not bad in Israel, especially in light of the uncertainties of the Arab Spring. Israel is the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, and the so-called economic peace in the West Bank has “generated more than a manageable status quo.”

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thanks phil, i am really not groking the point of the nyt choosing to publish this op ed. it’s just a same ol same ol ‘israel is doing the best that can be expected’ type thing. even the title ‘Preserving Israel’s Uncertain Status Quo’, why would anyone think the status quo is worth preserving? it’s a mess.

“Too many blacks in Alabama. Too many Jews in New York City. ” Black and Whites are not at war in Alabama, and there is no conflict I know of involving Jews in New York City. There is a conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Surely, Phil, you realize the irony of this argument. Part of the Arab case against Israel was too many Jews in the Holy Land. We’re OK with… Read more »

What Hophmi wrote is such sewage.

“no immigrant I know of engages in rhetoric that their aim is to take over America the way Palestinian rhetoric has focused on reversing 1948.”

Palestinians are the natives, it’s the Israelis who are the immigrants.

It’s like saying “We have to make sure Native Americans never grow in numbers”.

Miller’s ideas about Israel have become the new received wisdom for Israel’s supporters. There is no hurry, because Israel is doing fine– its just not perfect. Notice that there is no reference to rights or justice or anything else in this formulation about Israel– and without any people power pushing towards a peace they are largely correct. Governments are obviously not going to push Israel to do anything. So Miller’s take on things has a… Read more »