Rocks For Palestine

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rocks for palestine
Rocks for Palestine by Everitte Barbee

This piece, entitled ‘Rocks For Palestine’, is a poem creatively drawn out in Arabic calligraphy by Everitte Barbee, as translated below.

The stones being thrown by the Palestinian youths each say “Hob” which means ‘love’ in Arabic.

“We do not throw these rocks with hate.

We throw these rocks with love,

Love for a murdered brother,

Love for a sick grandmother without medicine,

Love for a family we cannot visit,

Love for a world we will never travel,

Love for a freedom we will never experience,

Love for an ancient people.

We throw these rocks with love for Palestine.”

– Everitte Barbee

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When all that’s left of a once loved home is rocks, THROW ’em!!

gawd!…”In a written statement to Reuters, COGAT – a unit within the Israeli defence ministry which administers the West Bank – said palm trees in the Jericho area had been planted illegally because they were grown on land the ownership of which was still to be established.” Israeli occupation of… Read more »

Wow. What gorgeous calligraphy and artistry!

You have an impressive gift, Everitte Barbee.

more like rock…..ets for palestine.