‘Stop aid to Israeli military’ ad goes up on SF buses

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“Stop $30 Billion: Spend Our Money At Home, Not on the Israeli Military.” Muni bus ad, San Francisco. (Photo: Facebook)

As of yesterday afternoon, this ad is up on twelve San Francisco buses. These are two photos from the streets.


Here’s the website for Bay Area Stop $30 Billion Military Aid to Israel. The group members are not identified, but our own Annie Robbins has played a role.

Remember that Muni is in hot water right now over the Islamophobic “Savage” ads that it ran from Pam Geller. A coalition of groups, including the American Muslims for Palestine, the Council of American Islamic Relations, the Asian Law Caucus and Jewish Voices for Peace compelled Muni to run a disclaimer from those ads. And Muni is working on a counter campaign to promote understanding of Muslims. 

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Awesome. Thanks Allison and Annie.

Geller inadvertently opened the door on the debate with her stupid ad. So thanks Geller (I guess…)

Thanks Allison!
Suck on that Pam G.!

Yeah baby. Cannot wait to hear from Pam Geller.

Annie helping human rights activist move mountains. Awareness growing.