Updated: Support for Iraq war is crucial resume-builder for columnists

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A National Journal poll of Washington insiders’ esteem for columnists offers a tragic view of who is influential. Note that most of the top ten are extremely pro-Israel.

National Journal published the results of its most recent poll that asked a panel of Congressional and Political Insiders to rank, one-through-five, those columnists, bloggers, and television or radio commentators who most help to shape their own opinion or worldview.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman received more points than anyone else, with support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Thomas Friedman Total points (T): 335 Dem. Points (D): 230 Rep. Points (R) :105

David Brooks T: 282 D: 141 R: 141

Charles Krauthammer T: 281 D: 1 R: 280

George Will T: 246 D: 23 R: 223

Paul Krugman T: 182 D: 181 R: 1

David Broder T: 165 D: 106 R: 59

E.J. Dionne T: 147 D: 143 R: 4

Karl Rove T: 126 D: 1 R: 125

Peggy Noonan T: 101 D: 5 R: 96

William Kristol T: 91 D: 5 R: 86

UPDATE: I’m informed that the poll is from 2009. It actually said that in the link! I’m terribly out of date. My apologies.

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Heavens to Murgatroyd…No wonder our country is crumbling. Glenn Greenwald wrote a great piece on Friedman recently. Friedman’s radio interview with a woman in New Zealand that Greenwald linked to is a must listen. Friedman gets rather upset when the woman ask him about his wealth in context to his comments

Not hard to find columnist who supported the invasion of Iraq.

It’s hard to decide what’s scarier–the list in it’s totality, or the fact that Tom Friedman is at the top.

Same Charles Kuthamare who opined that the Virgina Tech shooter was inspired by Jihadism and by islaims and by Al quida ( not in so many words or sequences ) as was evident by the tatoo “Isahmeil’ on his arm.

This is what meritocracy looks like. I wonder if Ivy League admissions departments verify Zionist credentials when projecting the future success (and alumni donations) of Jewish applicants. Harvard Crimson Straightening The Leftward Lean By Daniel P. Krauthammer [spawn of Charles] “It’s no secret that the world of academia—Harvard included—has a decidedly leftward lean. Not even liberals deny this. But what they do often deny is that this overbearing bias is a problem that needs to… Read more »