While Palestinians in the West Bank barely have enough water to drink . . .

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settlers in Ma’ale Adumim frolic in an Olympic sized pool.

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 Photo taken 11:30 AM local time on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at Ma’ale Adumim.
(Photo: Scott Roth)
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Pure colonialism.

But ZioBots and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, intellectual hacks and academia would have us tarred and feathered for antisemitism.

Just goes to show you how that slur is just a way to cover up the glaring criminality of Zionism.


If the camera pans up and to the right, the parched, brown Palestinian land from which the water comes is visible – by the people in the pool.

Down south here, we call it (not affectionately) the “plantation mentality.”

Oh, and the numbers just get worse when you check up on them: 250 mcm, not 105 mcm. For a usage of 83 cm per person per year. Going by this, the setters are “allocated” 1450 cm per person per year, while the average Israeli uses 333. The distinction probably… Read more »

Looks beautiful. However, considering the circumstances, it makes me want to puke. Also, the fence looks really weird and misplaced in the picture. The Israel flag there reminds me of why I hate national pride. It represents the sense of superiority and entitlement.

There’s an interesting piece on the Haaretz website about the environmental problems in the West Bank, partly caused by the settlements. Settlers yearn for ‘environment without borders’ – and without Palestinians A conference was held in Ariel this week to discuss the West Bank’s environment. No Palestinians attended. […]… Read more »