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Newsweek: From ‘Black Rage’ to ‘Muslim Rage’

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“Rage” is all the rage with Newsweek, apparently. For comparison:

Newsweek 1985
Newsweek cover, August 19, 1985
Newsweek cover for September 24, 2012
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11 Responses

  1. radii on September 17, 2012, 8:57 pm

    what’s missing?

    “Signs of Zionist reform”

  2. traintosiberia on September 17, 2012, 9:12 pm

    Yes Ali
    Rage is bad. The rage that swallowed up one million lives in Iraq and threw away one million lives as destitute in foreign lands and would create one million deformed babies following 911.
    You may not remember Ali when the free world leader informed ” We dont make distinction between who are terrorist and who harbour them ” .Very soon they will be called victims of collateral damages.See what words can do .It can unmask barbarity like it did in Libya and it can mask barbarity as the FOX and WSJ and NYT have done over the years
    May be Ali you can travel to a mosque in Pakistan and hear a raging sermon and compare its effects to that of every lies that have come out of your favorite media back then and continues to day.This time against Iran with chilling effects on innocent human beings like the one on you only on a larger scale .

  3. traintosiberia on September 17, 2012, 9:52 pm

    911 unfolded the rage here in the West killing Sikhs and hurling bombs to mosques and manufacturing Sharia controveries and a lot more.
    Back then the rage urged to convert the muslims and rage the Mecca to the grounds. Back then the rage told Rumsfiled that he would drain the swamps. Collective rage also allowed his stupid and illegal idea of waging wars against Iraq on the basis of having good targets go unchallenged. It was the collective rage that allowed Frum to coin that sinsiter phrase of “Axes of Evil”with disatrous effects on humanity . He now lectures on CNN how to bring freedom of expression in muslim lands conveneintly forgetting how he would have smothered anybody who would have dared to challenge his pathetic purpose-driven lies .As for Nathayoo so was for him 911 was not bad. he got a chance to direct emotions to those countries that Natanhyoo like him did not like . Rage can bring miraculous opportunity for some Just watch Mc Cain or other warmongers on FOX.
    Lying is freedom but rebuttal is shown the door with vengeance. A war monger like Barak and Nathanhoo get a free pass in the name of freedom of expresiion and freedom of media but one never hears what the other side has to offer or explain.

    The glorious rage began in 1857 against British over the introduction of beef and pork in the food of theIndian soldiers but it was not about the food.It was about what British wrought to that part of the world from 1750s to 1850s. The rage that followed Rodney King was not about that particular police brutality. It was about the daily experience of every black.

  4. Nevada Ned on September 18, 2012, 12:24 am

    The US government has done a lot of terrible things: supported (and installed) repressive regimes around the world, invaded other countries, and threatened death and destruction around the world.

    Now a idiotic little film about Muhammad is circulating and offending Moslems. The US govt claims they had nothing to do with the film. That’s almost certainly true.

    But at this point, many people just won’t believe the US govt (and the mainstream media). The govt has blown its credibility so badly that…

    …the US govt isn’t believed, even when it is telling the truth (!!!!)

  5. eGuard on September 18, 2012, 3:03 am

    I see. It’s their “Newsweek” title: changed into diapositive, and the serifs are gone.

  6. ColinWright on September 18, 2012, 3:24 am

    On reflection, I don’t think the ‘Muslim Rage’ cover upsets me all that much. Not the image I would have chosen, but…

    However letting Hirsi Ali write the story is just obscene. At most, it might be reasonable to present her views as an op-ed piece or something.

  7. Abdul-Rahman on September 18, 2012, 5:47 am

    Ayaan Hiris Magan is an idiot, liar, and fraud the fact that this propagandist RAG called “newsweek” (always there to service US imperialism) is giving her yet another platform to spew more of her nonsense is ridiculous and they should be censured for her hate speech (on top of “newsweek” then adding a picture of some men demonstrating in anger, i.e. an attempt to create a barrier in the mind of the Western reader, living in a comfort that comes at the price of poverty in the “Third World”, of the common humanity shared by all which is key in promoting more Western imperialist policies against Muslim countries, and simply any country that does not bow before US hegemonic dictates, in particular

    Dutch television documentary program Zembla already completely discredited that LYING hack Hirsi Magan (her real name) which is what caused her to have to leave the Netherlands lol because she had lied on her “immigration paperwork”. Zembla showed that Hirsi Magan had lied in just about every claim she had made about herself! She was not even in Somalia at any point during the civil war there (a good read on the situation of Somalia over the last few decades and the secret imperialist history the Western mainstream media leaves out all the time because Hirsi Magan comes from a wealthy, upper class family that had relocated to a gated villa in a wealthy suburb of the Kenyan capital Nairobi by that point. And her other main claim about a supposed “forced marriage” also was shown to be bunk by Zembla, and it was this main lie in particular that caused her to have to leave the Netherlands (and “relocate” to the US with the help of certain powerful right wing Islamophobes in the US and their mostly neocon organizations). (Part 1 of 4, from the Netherland’s Zembla exposing Ayaan Hiris Magan back in 2006)

    And to conclude Ayaan Hirsi Magan is especially disgusting as she has very regularly served as an Uncle Tom stooge trying to block immigration of people from the “Third World” to various Western countries; while at the same time herself having ILLEGALLY been in the Netherlands!! i.e. the height of hypocrisy and being a complete TOOL of xenophobes and neo-fascists in Europe in particular (before she again was forced to leave the Netherlands for America).

  8. piotr on September 18, 2012, 8:48 am

    Now the Chinese suddenly discovered that some 4 tiny islands are occupied by Japan since 1895, and the rage spreads through the entire country. As the Chinese do not keep grenades and RPGs at home, the protests were so far without any bloodshed, and the government tolerates the use of apples, eggs and plastic water bottles as projectiles (bricks were used too, but not any more), plus tries to split demonstrators into manageable groups of 200.

    So Chinese rage is there too.

    By the way, British were not stupid to introduce beef and pork to sepoy diet. It was more convoluted. “[Their] rifles […] used paper cartridges that came pre-greased. To load the rifle, sepoys had to bite the cartridge open to release the powder. The grease used on these cartridges included tallow derived from beef; which would be offensive to Hindus, or lard derived from pork; which would be offensive to Muslims.” Why they did not use coconut oil? Arrogance of the Empire perhaps, or the bullets were made in Britain.

  9. manfromatlan on September 18, 2012, 9:11 am

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali lied about her history was thrown out of the Dutch parliament and now makes a lucrative living through neo-con Michael Ledeen’s American Enterprise institute. Still lying, er, hyperbolic exaggerations, just the right person to write for Newsweek.

  10. yourstruly on September 18, 2012, 9:14 am

    Blaming the victim, how convenient this is for the oppressor – “Hey, it’s not what I’m doing to these savages, it’s what they’re doing to themselves.”

  11. maz on September 18, 2012, 12:49 pm

    Everytime the media rolls out some angry Muslims that means that Israel wants the US to go and start bombing more Muslims.

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